We are actively involved in wide variety of fields in the oil and gas industries. Our particular areas of concentration at this moment include but are not by any means limited to: 

  • Blowout Preventers (BOP) -  We offer two technical options; A ram BOP which utilises two  hydraulic rams that are horizontally opposed and are closed in around the drill string and Blowout annular preventer commonly referred to as spherical BOP which  uses a hemisphere shaped rubber that is placed with steel.

  • Drilling Equipment (DE) - Land based or offshore, from rig assembly to full scale consultancy based suggestions and technical solutions of best set up for maximum benefit.

  • Spare parts - Manifolds, valves, pressure check devices all held in stock as part of a contract based service agreement.  No loss of downtime due to waiting for common wearing parts to be replaced.

  • Kelly Spinners - Pneumatic Kelly Spinner or Hydraulic Kelly Spinner designs in the application of drill slow down.  We offer units that are completely reversible, spin out, as well as spin in. Making employment of spinning chains completely redundant.

Oil Industries Division