Railway Division

We specialise in wide variety of fields in the railway and locomotive industry. Our particular supply areas of focus at this moment include but are not by any means limited to:

  • Closure threshold (SVS) - In its weight and outer dimensions, the sealing threshold corresponds to conventional switch points made of concrete and absorbs the entire sealing technique.

  • Tongue rolling device (ZRV system) - Lowest changeover forces thanks to height-adjustable rollers, For a lubrication-free switch.

  • Inner cheek rail bracing System (I)BSR - The IBAV and IFAV System has proven itself in the high-speed, heavy-duty and normal operation of railways for more than 20 years, in over 40 countries worldwide.

  • Rail mounting SKL, clamping clamps for rail fastening in the track - SKL1, SKL12, SKL14 and special types as complete fastening sets for concrete, wood and steel shafts as well as for fixed carriageways or ballastless superstructure.

  • Check rail plates IFAV - Wheel control plates for the centerpiece-wheel steering area of ​​a switch.

  • Cable channel threshold - Reliable cable cross-section with the best machineability.

  • Soft closure, special reliable locking systems - Both for the tongue and the moving heart tip of a switch.

  • Screwless wheel link - Screwless wheel linkage attachment by means of an elastic clamping device, especially for guide rails in curved tracks.

  • Grooved rail drainage/Water drainage system - Water drain box for grooved rails in tram tracks.